Kids 2013 Eco Green Plan

GWIAN is very happy to announce the launch of their Kids 2013 Eco Green Plan

Love post

After our tree planting project in Machakos area (2009) with Mazingira Youth Group, to combat soil erosion, we are back to develop this time green educative collaboration between Love primary School 05 Les eleves

10 Munyanda school (1)

and Munyanda school in Kakamega.

These schools are the project’s flagship due to their locations in arid and rainy areas respectively. Their important co-relation will create a corridor to transfer seedlings from rainy to arid areas, as well as cultural exchanges.

Youth’s education is the main long term tool to combat environment degradation and their consequences on humans’ health.

We want them to become Ecologically responsible  citizen that they spontaneously spread informations  to other generations communities around.

GWIAN is giving them access to local environmentalists’ knowledge by creating “Green Club” in schools where they’ll find and share:

  • Forum with environmentalists
  • Exchange forum between schools, communities with cultural values and knowledges exchanges.
  • Library
  • Action plan through collected seedlings, tree nurseries, tree planting…
  • Artistic workshop that can end to local “green festival” directed by professional artistes, our way to share our vision with local population.

Thank you very much for your interest to our activities. As this blog is always on process, please don’t hesitate to come back and check additional informations.

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