Tree Planting Project

Plant Indigenous Trees once! Twice! More! Again! Many! Create more roots, more shade, more oxygen, more humus, more river, more peace for the next generations!!

GWIAN is networking different seedlings youth groups from all over Kenya. With FCCK “Forest Conservation Corps of Kenya” from Kakamega (western Kenya), with “Mazinguira Youth Group” in Machakos (Central Kenya) and now with local groups from coastal area.

Tree planting is GWIAN’s action to slow down, stop and then to reverse the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions.

By tree planting we will see more rapid and widespread access to cleaner and greener energy, new jobs opportunities and reductions in unhealthy urban and in-door pollution

By involving local artistes in our workshops, GWIAN wants them to become Agent of Change. Artistes can spread information about global warming issues through their performing art and reach the entire population.

Local support from locals’ people will encourage long-term sustainability. Local artistes can help in that process


Poverty in informal settlements (slums) is real. A polluted environment is a threat to all community members. The one dollar income per day is not enough to support a family or individual to a sustainable life.

Basic education provides a steady start for a better future society. The student at school cannot concentrate on an empty stomach.

The government of Kenya has a programme of free education but in this situation, the poorest aren’t favoured as schools spiels that everybody has to cater for their own uniforms and learning materials.

GWIAN is an association of artistes who have come together to develop artistic approach towards environmental education,  reduction of  poverty level through providing Eco-friendly activities that will uplift a common life in the community. GWIAN is more than an awareness and educative programme, but a fundamental development programme.

Climate change is one of the world major threats now. Responsibility of educating the community, creating awareness and coming up with Eco- friendly activities that will  work with an aim of keeping  the environment clean.

Talents are neglected in many regions. There is a great need to identify, nature and develop these talents to international standards.

GWIAN with its projects works to create Eco-friendly opportunities that help educate, empower and grow the community to a healthy sustainable safe future.

Join us, be a GREEN Soldier

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