THANK YOU for your interest to our initiative!

GWIAN has never been funded till now. Only support from some partners and friends is keeping us alive and we sincerely give a BIG THANKS to them!!! GWIAN will keep dedicated, and committed in all their activities whenever money will be there or not, as our combat is needed and carrying all local communities’ hope.  But to empower our projects  please, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

GWIAN needs your support! Be part of our GWInitiative!

HELP US to provide realistic needs as tree seedlings, farming tools, boreholes, donkeys… but also , rehearsal space, costumes, transport fees, artistes allowance…

Thank you in advance!!!!


Branch: University Of Nairobi (083)

Account Name: GWI Artistes Network

Account Number: 1049359


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