Environmental Education’s

fusion with


GWIAN is promoting the concept of Art & Environment, as a mean to empower people towards becoming active agents of sustainable equitable development. GWIAN believes that medium of performing arts is a tool to educate and empower communities towards becoming active agents of sustainable and equitable development.

GWIAN focuses on Art as a reflection of human activities

Our Performances :

WILBARO is the main edutainment production GWIAN did. Wilbaro is mixing different performing arts like dance, live music, drama, and acrobatics… to spread out GWIAN‘s vision about environmental issues. WILBARO (wheelbarrow) symbolizes the tool each human being uses through his life journey and his impact on earth destiny. WILBARO is a powerful scream of 45 artistes, fusing their talents to bring UNITY to combat Climate Change as the theme of the World Environment Day 2009 is: “Your planet needs you-United to combat Climate Change”. GWIAN artists were also quoting school’s Artworks for UNEP awards, a competition organised for the World Environment Day in collaboration with KOEE, Kenya Wildlife and NEMA.

Art is GWIAN‘s tool to combat environmental ignorance in the society and empower communities.

Our platforms :

Kipawa Sato is the first platform open to artistes GWIAN implemented in 2008, @ the Kenya Cultural Center in Nairobi.

These platforms open to artistes are a way inform the society about the role of arts in the community and to develop artist’s network. GWIAN organize also Workshops with experienced artists to improve upcoming artist’s talent.

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